Mar. 7th, 2014 11:02 am
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People are so weird about celebrities, SO WEIRD. Somebody just replied to an ask that was like, "[Please tag your RDJ stuff, I find it very triggering how he's turned the Iron Man franchise into the glorification of alcoholism and slut shaming.]" And like, not to mock this person's triggers, and not to say that those aren't very relevant criticisms of Iron Man, but RDJ is not actually IN CHARGE of Iron Man. Like, at all. He has not written, directed, or produced any of the movies. He does not have any kind of intellectual property rights over the character. That would be Marvel. The comment seems to imply that the person liked Iron Man before RDJ got involved, i.e., they liked the comics. And the comics have demonstrated a more explicit understanding of Tony Stark's alcoholism as a serious problem, but if this person can be triggered by the depiction of alcohol in the movies, I can't even imagine what would happen to them reading the, as I said, explicit depiction of alcoholism and the various elements of American society that encourage and glorify it that occurs in the comics. And actually, I take that back about those things being relevant criticisms of Iron Man. The slut-shaming one stands, and the first movie doesn't really address it, but the Iron Man movie trilogy as a whole does NOT glorify Tony's problems, AT ALL. And, as previously stated, neither do the comics.

I totally understand that any and all Iron Man content could totally trigger someone who is triggery about alcohol addiction and abuse, but to call it "glorification" and pin all of it on RDJ? WEIRD.


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